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We are entering an age where our internet is being upgraded. The upgrade allows for fair economic (cryptocurrency) incentives to be built into applications similar to the ones we know and love today. The blockchain upgrade unlocks innovative capabilities that are here to stay. Are you an innovator or a bystander when opportunities present themselves?

If Investing Was Easy, We Would All Be Rich.


Investing in cryptocurrency is not for everyone. It requires an interest in new technologies, a high risk propensity, and an innovative mind. When understanding how new tech fits into society, the innovative thinker must evaluate not only if the product will survive, but understand a whole set of macroeconomic factors that can raise and drop the price of a cryptoasset. The industry is in its infancy and the opportunities are undeniable, however, so are the risks. Education is key to success. Register today to receive our comprehensive cryptoasset security guide.

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About US

We are a team of innovators who teach and perform in-person and e-consultations to clients worldwide. Serving individuals and institutions, our clients include universities, tech accelerators, private businesses, and everyday individuals. Whether you are educating yourself, need a speaker at your event, or would like to educate your employees on blockchain, we can help.

Upcoming Events

Presents_ (1)
CryptoCollege Surrey: INTRODUCTION to Blockchain and Cryptocurrency
5:00 pm - 7:00 pm
City Centre Library 10350 University Dr, Surrey, BC Room 405 Surrey, BC V6B 2A8

Welcome to CryptoCollege L1 This course is intended for beginners to get started learning about bitcoin and blockchain. Before you invest in cryptocurrency, you...

Presents_ (2)
CryptoCollege Surrey: INTERMEDIATE Blockchain and Cryptocurrency for Investors
7:00 pm - 9:00 pm
City Centre Library 10350 University Dr, Surrey, BC Room 405 Surrey, BC V6B 2A8

Welcome to CryptoCollege L2 This course is intended for intermediate investors to get a feel for investing in crypto and to learn more about...


Cryptocurrency & related blockchain news

Chase Cedar
December 1, 2017

What’s with the bitcoin craze?

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Zachary Eaves

WordPress Developer
“ Koi makes learning about blockchain fun. I didn't know very much going in and left with a solid understanding of how this tech works and how I can participate. I would definitely recommend Koi's courses to my friends and family. ”

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